Years ago, one customer asked Border Concepts, Inc. to design store fixtures for their retail store.  From this first simple request, we created one of the nations’ finest lines of innovative retail fixtures and displays.  We have "industrial chic" designs featuring stained board decking which fit into a sturdy one-piece steel frame.  The results are a stylish interplay of wood against metal.  Contrast this with sleek displays using MDF shelving and a variety of laminates – including our favorite option:  rigid thermal foil.  We are known for affordability, quality, functionality and versatility.  Our fixtures are built with strong, durable structural steel tubing coated with resilient powder finishes produced to the highest standards in Lexington, North Carolina.  We'll be glad to powder coat your display any color at minimal cost, or customize it to meet your specifications.  Our displays convey exclusivity and quality – they will help make shopping in your retail environment an experience that customers will appreciate.