Border Concepts, Inc. builds these trailers and wagons from the ground up right here in the USA, Lexington, NC to be exact.  The trailers and wagons are fully customizable and ready to roll in approximately 6-8 weeks.  The stock sizes are listed below.

Tracking Trailers and Farm Wagons
90312 Farm Wagon-Chassis & Tire Assembly 18,000 lbs capacity
90313 Farm Wagon-Chassis, Tire & Frame Assembly 18,000 lbs capacity
90314 Farm Wagon-Complete Assembly 18,000 lbs capacity
90305 Tracking Trailer-6'x12' 5,000 lbs capacity
90301 Tracking Trailer-4'x8' 3,500 lbs capacity
90300 Tracking Trailer-5'x10' 3,500 lbs capacity
  • Border Concepts heavy duty construction
  • 9 ton gear capacity
  • 6 lug tie, hub, & assembly
  • 11L15 Tire Size

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Farm Wagon: Complete
Farm Wagon: Complete
Item #: 90314