The Border Concepts, Inc. (BCI) team seeks to provide the best lawn and garden products that are uniquely created for the independent retailers and wholesalers of America. The backbone of BCI is to create a line of exclusive products either by manufacturing or sourcing and to sell them directly to retailers—and we have been in the business for over 30 years. Our creative team has 50 or more years of experience leading the cutting edge of garden design. BCI’s corporate office is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. We are multifaceted with 4 distribution facilities located in Lexington, NC, Las Vegas, NV, Pittston, PA, and Kent, WA. Our manufacturing plant is also located in Lexington, NC, as well as our 18,000 sqft Showroom displaying all of our product categories.

A Brief Company History

In 1990, Border Concepts, Inc. was founded in Charlotte, NC as a steel landscape edging systems manufacturer. Through the years, this grass roots business grew organically, expanding its product lines based on the needs of the company’s customer base:

  • Landscape Supply Yards
  • Garden Centers
  • Growers
  • Contractors
  • Other Independent Retailers


Now, in addition to steel edging, BCI manufactures a robust line of wrought iron products including ball carts, steel decorative privacy screens, hanging baskets, hooks, trellises, and much more.

BCI also boasts a line of quality pottery imported from around the world, found in countries such as Germany, Italy, Malaysia, China, Thailand, and Vietnam.


When BCI designs and manufactures an original product, you'll find the best quality and price point on the market. The BCI team is all about providing creative solutions, with exciting new ideas, designs, sizes, and shapes Is there a highly customized project or distinctive lawn and garden product you’ve been thinking about?  Put BCI's designers, facilities, and experience to work for you to be your partner in creating an original solution, tailored to meet your specific needs.


BCI’s overseas contacts are a valuable resource for our company and customers, opening global capacity and competitiveness. BCI team members regularly travel around the world to scout potential partners and source the highest quality materials and designs.  Each country offers unique skills, styles, and price points presenting incredible trend inspired pottery from around the world. Collections are intentionally created to provide entry into a world of pottery not previously available otherwise.  


Browse through our popular categories to get a feel for the beautiful products available to you from Border Concepts, a leader in the lawn and garden industry.