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Steel Edging

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  • Why Steel Edging?


    Border Concepts landscape steel edging provides a lasting landscape edging for lawns, gardens, and work sites in commercial and residential projects.  Steel metal edging provides the ideal lawn edging or garden edging because of its strength, durability, and flexibility.


    Appearance:   Creates subtle accents to landscapes with clean lines, smooth curves, and minimal instrusion.

    Durability:   Stronger than aluminum or plastic; will not rot or become brittle in cold weather.

    Strength:   Resists frost heave, ground movement, and withstands routine landscape maintenance with its uniform thickness and weight.

    Installation:   Installs quickly and easily

    Colors:   Available in black, green, brown, unpainted, or galvanized (upon request).  Durable enamel based paint coat for maximum protection. Powder coats are much thinner and prove ineffective when inevitably scratched during installation.

    Sizes:   Standard sizes are 10′ or 16′ sections; custom shapes and sizes available.

    Steel Edging Uses:

    Border King:   Highest strength commercial edging used for deep heavy-duty projects, and in drives, high traffic paths, and maintenance strips. Can be used with concrete or asphalt.

    Border GuardGeneral purpose steel edging used for straight run in bed edgings, containing lighter aggregate pathways, and restraining paved or graveled walks and drives.

    Border Stretch:   Basic commercial edging with extended height for deeper/taller installations.

    Border Line:   General purpose, versatile, most popular, basic commercial grade edging for bed edging, paths, and bed divisions.

    Border Flex:   Basic residential edging with maximum flexibility.  Retail do-it-yourself edging.

    Steel Edging Sizes:

    Name Thickness Height Length(s) Radius Wt/Ft
    Border King 1/4″ 5″ 10’/16′ 72″ 4.25 lbs
    Border Guard 3/16″ 4″ 10’/16′ 36″ 2.6 lbs
    Border Stretch 1/8″ 6″ 10′ 24″ 2.6 lbs
    Border Line 1/8″ 4″ 10’/16′ 24″ 1.7 lbs
    Border Flex 14 gauge 4″ 10′ 18″ 1.0 lb


    Border Concepts Inc. commercial steel edging is provided by size per plan(s) and detail. Edging fabricated in 10′ or 16′ sections with anchor stake loops stamped in face of section 32″ on center. Use 15″ tapered steel anchoring stakes (3/16″ thick) provided by manufacturer. Edging and stakes are finished with enamel paint.

    Product Details Border King
    Product Size Color Case Qty
    Border King 10' 1/4" x 5" x 10' Various 10
    Border King 16' 1/4" x 5" x 16'
    72" radius possible
    Various 10
    Border Guard
    Product Size Color Case Qty
    Border Guard 10' 3/16" x 4" x 10' Various 20
    Border Guard 16' 3/16" x 4" x 16'
    36" radius possible
    Various 20
    Border Stretch
    Product Size Color Case Qty
    Border Stretch 1/8" x 6" x 10'
    24" radius possible
    Various 20
    Border Line
    Product Size Color Case Qty
    Border Line 10' 1/8" x 4" x 10' Various 20
    Border Line 16' 1/8" x 4" x 16'
    24" radius possible
    Various 60
    Border Flex
    Product Size Color Case Qty
    Border Flex 14 gauge x 4" x 10'
    18" radius possible
    Various 20
    Staking Systems:
    Name Size Stakes per Section
    Standard Stake 3/16" thick x 15" long 4 per 10'
    6 per 16'

    Super Stake 3/16" thick x 24" long 4 per 10'
    6 per 16'