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BORCON Raised Planter Bed
24″ Side Connector

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    BORCON Raised Planter Bed
    24" Side Connector
    Item # Size Color Case Qty
    24" Side
    Raw Steel


    The Raised Planter Bed Side Panels and Connectors are not
    pre-weathered at time of purchase / shipment |
    Product is unassembled, including needed hardware |
    Made in the USA |
    1. Determine your desired length and width of your raised planter bed. 24", 36", 48" & 72" are stock lengths.
    Longer lengths can be made by using the available side connectors.

    2. Select a height for your raised planter bed. 12" & 24" heights are stock items. 36" & 48" heights are available by special order.

    3. Include with your order the corner connectors for your raised planter bed's height.
    The corner connectors are packed 4 to a case, along with the needed hardware to complete a raised planter bed.

    4. Install your new BORCON™ Raised Planter Bed and enjoy the fruits of your labor.